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SALVATI MARIO & C. S.p.A. is an Italian company that, driven by a strong entrepreneurial mindset and supported by cutting edge technology, has achieved success in the market for canned foods over the years, and now occupies a prominent position on the Italian and foreign markets

Over time the production line has been greatly expanded from the traditional processing of tomatoes and its by-products to include a wide range of beans, vegetables and canned fruits.

Within the company we still respect and cultivate the great values of the past: quality, substance, productive effort …

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Head office and factory:
Via Macello, 27 - 84085 Mercato S.Severino (SA), Italy
Phone: (+39) 089 879 104 - Fax: (+39) 089 821 062
e-mail: - PEC: salvatispa©
P.IVA: 00850070657 - Ufficio del Registro di Salerno - REA: SA176280
Share capital: 935,898.00 euros fully paid

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