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The company was founded in 1957 when Mario Salvati, a farm operator and broker, created the eponymous company for the processing and canning of tomatoes, and began to sell them under the brand name "FONTANELLA".

The brand name was chosen because of the existence of a natural water spring in the area where the company was established. In the past all the washerwomen came to this place to do their laundry and the location was called "down by the fountain". The founder of the company was better known as "Mario from the fountain..." and in order to honor this place the FONTANELLA brand was created.

In the early 1980s the company became a public limited company, and now the third generation has taken over, striving to increase the value of the company more than 50 years after its foundation. The traditional family roots of the company are still the cornerstone of its organization, but over time it has evolved through continuous quality and technical innovations, becoming a strong brand that has won the trust of its consumers. Today we are in a vantage point in both Italian and foreign markets.

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Head office and factory:
Via Macello, 27 - 84085 Mercato S.Severino (SA), Italy
Phone: (+39) 089 879 104 - Fax: (+39) 089 821 062
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Share capital: 935,898.00 euros fully paid

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